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Giving the option of leaving a voicemail to your customers or potential customers is great! …. Well when you are sat by your desk phone to actually listen to them anyway.

With the Samsung OfficeServ solution (We are Samsung Partners) and our Hosted telephone system solution (But many phone systems) can have the option to send your voicemail to a configured e-mail address.

You can have it forward from your personal voicemail to your personal business e-mail address or you can have a ring group voicemail forward to a shared mailbox so many users will pick it up such as voicemail@yourbusinessdomain.co.uk , allowing missed calls to be picked up and possible new customers to be turned in to new customers.

To find out more please feel free to contact us on 01282332046 or send an e-mail to info@ollycom.co.uk

Visit our website www.ollycom.co.uk and even sort a greeting out for your voicemail at www.ollycom.telephonemessage.co.uk

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