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Take care of your lines

Lines … Lines are required for your broadband services to run over. You probably look for the best deal and the cheapest one without taking a seconds thought about the “what if”.

What if your services drop and you have to report it as a fault to your provider? How long is the fix expected to take?

At OllyCom we work from the top down, the top being care level 4 which gives you a quicker response a fix time for a few pounds extra per month, because let’s face it if your business goes down for a day or two due to a fault it will cost more than a higher care level?

We have added the care levels below for you so you can see what response and fix times are available.

Service Level 2 (Standard Care level) Clear by end of next working day, Monday to Saturday, excluding Public Holidays and Bank Holidays.Example:   Fault reported at any time between 00.01 – 23.59.59 on Tuesday would have a commitment time of 23.59.59 on Wednesday.
Service Level 3 Reported by 12.59 – clear by 23.59.59 same day. Reported after 13.00 – clear by 12.59.59 next day (Monday – Sunday including Public and Bank Holidays)
Service Level 4 6hr fix round the clock, 365 days a year

If you want to speak to one of our team to talk about your connectivity then please contact us on the below.

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Although I am proud to say “I`m an IT Connectivity Consultant and Engineer”, my best one liner at the moment is:

“I solve your IT connectivity problems!”

If your IT connections are:

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