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With over 10 years in IT education we consider it a specialist area for OllyCom.

Through extensive research and close collaboration with current educational customers. We have developed educational specific high-quality wireless network solutions.

Specific Educational Benefits

Utilising a wireless solution from OllyCom has many educational benefits including:

  • On demand anywhere access to resources for teachers and students.
  • Allowing all classrooms to be IT based.
  • The technology follows the student now rather than the reverse.
  • Eliminate fixed classroom wiring costs.
  • Eliminate IT classroom timetable headaches

Specific Educational Requirements

Although each educational environment has unique necessities.  Previous installations and research have enabled us to pinpoint and then meet specific educational requirements including:



Maximisation of administrative timeThrough our advanced central controller, plug & play replacements and excellent hardware performance.
Block unwanted contentVia our safety first content filtering.
Support many devices simultaneouslyThrough high user density hardware support.
Blazing speeds to ensure all users get required bandwidthBy using and optimising the latest speed standards including 802.11n and .ac.
Budget beating solutionVia our HP options and BYOD support.
Maximise available bandwidthThrough Band Steering and maximised airtime.
Granular traffic managementThrough Bandwidth and QoS Control.
Secure data and secure accessBy using the latest security techniques including separate student, teacher and guests portals.