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Prozac autism

Isolated in worlds of their own, people with autism appear indifferent and remote and are unable to form emotional bonds with others. Although people with this baffling brain disorder prozac autism can display a prozac autism wide range of symptoms and disability, many are incapable of understanding other peoples thoughts, feelings, and needs. Often, language and intelligence fail to develop fully, making communication and social relationships difficult. Many people with autism engage in repetitive activities, like rocking or banging their heads, or rigidly following familiar patterns in their everyday routines. Some are painfully sensitive to sound, touch, sight, or smell. Children with autism do not follow the typical patterns of child development. In some children, hints of future problems may be apparent from birth. In most cases, the problems become more noticeable as the child slips farther behind other children the same age. Other children start off well enough. But between 18 and 36 months old, they suddenly reject people, act strangely, and lose language and social skills they had already acquired. As a parent, teacher, or caregiver you may know the frustration of trying to communicate and connect with children or adults who have autism. You may feel ignored as they engage in endlessly repetitive behaviors. You may despair at the bizarre ways they express their inner needs. And you may feel sorrow that your hopes and dreams for them may never materialize. But there is help-and hope. Gone are the days when people with autism were isolated, typically sent away to institutions. Today, many youngsters can be helped to attend school with other children. Methods are available to help improve their social, language, and academic skills. Even though more than 60 percent of adults with autism continue to need care throughout their lives, some programs are beginning to demonstrate that with appropriate support, many people with autism can be trained to do meaningful work and participate in the life of the. Autism is found in every country and region of the world, and in families of all racial, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds. Emerging in childhood, it affects about 1 or 2 people in every thousand and is three to four times more common in boys than girls. Girls with the disorder, however, tend to have more severe symptoms and lower intelligence. In addition to loss of personal potential, the cost of health and educational services to those affected exceeds 3 billion each year. So, at some level, autism affects us all. Understanding the Problem of Autism, paul has always been obsessed with order. As a child, he lined up blocks, straightened chairs, kept his toothbrush in the exact same spot on the sink, and threw a tantrum when anything was moved. Paul could also become aggressive. Sometimes, when upset or anxious, he would suddenly explode, throwing a nearby object or smashing a window. When overwhelmed by noise and confusion, he bit himself or picked at his nails until they bled. At school, where his schedule and environment could be carefully structured, his behavior was more normal. But at home, amid the unpredictable, noisy hubbub of a large family, he was often out of control. His behavior made it harder and harder for his parents to care for him at home and also meet their other childrens needs. At that time-more than 10 years ago-much less was known about the disorder and few therapeutic options were available. So, at age 9, his parents placed him in a residential program where he could receive 24-hour supervision and care. Alan As an infant, Alan was playful and affectionate. At 6 months old, he could sit up and crawl. He began to walk and say words at 10 months and could count by 13 months. One day, in his 18th month, his mother found him sitting alone in the kitchen, repeatedly spinning the wheels of her vacuum cleaner with such persistence and concentration, he didnt respond when she called. From that day on, she recalls, It was as if someone had pulled a shade over him. He stopped talking and relating to others. He often tore around the house like a demon. He became fixated on electric lights, running around the house turning them on and off. When made to stop, he threw a tantrum, kicking and biting anyone within reach. Janie From the day she was born, Janie seemed different from other infants. At an age when most infants enjoy interacting with people and exploring their environment, Janie sat motionless in her crib and didnt respond to rattles or other toys. She didnt seem to develop in the normal sequence, either. She stood up before she crawled, and when she began to walk, it was on her toes.

Prozac for ocd

I am new to this site and I need some help. I was on Prozac for OCD for 10 years which was of the prozac for ocd hocd type after having a baby. The Prozac was wonderful. It alleviated almost all of my OCD. For some stupid reason I got too confident and decided to go off. Well, prozac for ocd needless to say my OCD came back worse than ever. I tried Lexapro and it helped very little. I decided to go back on the Prozac and was up to 40 mg for five weeks and increased to 60 mg last week. Since about two days ago (this is my 8th day on 60 mg) I have had the worst anxiety ever and it is making my OCD worse. Ifeel like I am going to cry. Will the OCD and anxiety get better with time? Prozac is an awesome drug and worked so well for. Best Answer: Well, it varies depending on how one's body will respond to the medication. In my opinion, coming from someone that had some OCD, severe anxiety/depression due to life trauma, and was prescribed various medications, I did not like Zoloft. It made me feel more anxious and gave me heart palpitations, and if prozac for ocd you ever get off of it you have to slowly taper off since the withdrawal from it is horrible. Prozac is something I have not tried, but I do know it helped my friend that had bulimia. As you may already know, OCD and Bulimia are considered similar in terms of the spectrum of anxiety disorders. So that could be an indication that it would be beneficial to take Prozac for OCD as well. The truth is if you look up information on both drugs, you will see that they basically have their pros and cons. Some work for some people, and some don't. Both claim to benefit people suffering from OCD. The benefit to taking Prozac, however, is that it has been studied and taken on a mass level by millions of people for a long period of time. Meaning, it has a somewhat safe and successful track record both in marketing and its application in health. Personally, my psychiatrist had prescribed Zoloft prozac for ocd to me before mentioning Prozac, so that may give you an indication that some doctors feel Zoloft may work better for OCD, and the research may show that too (I have not read the peer-reviewed research lately. The drug that worked best for me was Paxil, but that really does a number on your sex drive and physical sensations if you are a male (I don't know about females). As was mentioned before, both drugs have their pros and cons. However, my doctor felt Zoloft would target my OCD better than Prozac. My experiences to these drugs are just my own personal account and your experience may differ from mine. Based on my experience, I did not like Zoloft, so I would have preferred to try Prozac. Prozac ( fluoxetine hydrochloride) is a prescription drug approved for the treatment of numerous conditions within the brain. While healthcare providers often treat depression with this medicine, Prozac can also be used for. OCD ( obsessive-compulsive disorder ). This medicine belongs to a class of antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. It works by balancing the levels of serotonin (a certain chemical) in the brain. Prozac is approved for OCD treatment in children, teens, and adults. It can be used in children as young as seven years old. Although antidepressants such as Prozac are effective for treating the symptoms of OCD, behavior therapy for OCD is often used along with medications.


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