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Shireburne Inter Building Link

A short overview of the journey taken to meet the internet connectivity needs of Shireburne Parks resident bar.


As an existing client Shireburne Park approached Observ IT to discuss options for enabling internet access at the main buildings resident bar .


  1. Provide high-speed internet access in the residents bar
  2. Analyse options and install appropriate solution based on medium to long-term costs

Option 1 – Broadband

Install broadband connection at main building and link to the internal wireless distribution system. Comparative drawbacks include:

  • Medium to long term costs higher*- see graph
  •  Shortage of BT connections
  • Decentralised

Comparative benefits include:

  • Short term costs lower* – see graph
  • Higher per user speed

Option 2 – Inter-Building Link

Install inter-building wireless link from lodge to main building to extend lodges already present Internet connection. This would then link to the main buildings internal wireless distribution system. Comparative drawbacks include:

  • Short term costs higher* – graph
  • Single point of failure**
  • Lower per user speed

Comparative benefits include:

  • Significantly cheaper in the medium to long term*
  • centralised control

As well as being reliable it was also important to ensure the inter-building wireless link provided a greater speed than the internet connection itself (average 10Mps) both now and in the future – BT Infinity.


After sharing and discussing options we both agreed that Option 2 was the appropriate choice. This was mainly due to BT connection availability issues and potential savings over an envisaged 4 year life span of £1,131.52 (62% of opt 1). Proven hardware was utilised to create the link with installation and optimisation taking 1 day.


Update 02/10/13 – Apart from “a couple of restarts to the equipment everything fine..” “Internet fast..” – Melanie.

* Costs include installation and educated approximation of broadband costs over the next 4 years. No unexpected service costs for either option where included. ** One shared internet connection

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