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Ribble Valley Holiday Apartments

A Short story covering the journey taken by Observ IT and Ribble Valley Holiday Apartments to meet their needs and in turn those of their guests.


Owners Chris an Gill were already concerned that without WiFi access for guests they where losing income through lost holiday bookings.

The call to action came when feedback from guests was identifying WiFi as an essential requirement for return bookings.


Initial discussions led to the following objectives being identified:

  1. High Speed to ensure customer satisfaction
  2. Revenue Generating through secure payment portal
  3. Logically separate from Office Network

High Speed

The high speed objective was met through the installation of a new high speed fibre link, micro segmentation and use of high speed dual frequency Access Points. Traffic management control techniques where implemented to further ensure guest satisfaction.

Revenue Generating

Chris and Gill where concerned about the cost of a WiFi system but also about charging guests to use it. Our experience has been that most users don`t mind paying a small fee if the WiFi is fast, consistent and enables them to meet there needs. If it does not then yes guests will become disgruntled.

A secure portal that enabled debit and credit card payments was included.

Logically Separate

As the office network was also connected to the new high speed fibre internet link. It became necessary to ensure WiFi users could not access it.Techniques including client isolation, sub netting  and firewall filters where used to meet this objective.


“Very Fast” – June June 2014,   “Excellent” – Pierre March 2014

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