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Frank Belshaw Building Surveyors Data Infrastructure and Samsung Officeserv Phone system

  • Centrally managed network, allowing for local backups and security.
  • Manageable data infrastructure.
  • Safer working environment.
  • VoiP solution will allow for growth.
  • Increased connectivity to allow for productivity and growth.
  • 1.    The Challenge

    Frank Belshaw Building Surveyors work in a fast paced environment where continuity means everything and reliability runs throughout the business, with the new senior management identifying network issues and faults on an existing system they decided that a “tidy up” was well overdue.

    The following objectives were defined:

    • Securley enable access to local backups.
    • Ensure network connectivity is readily available.
    • Ensure the on-site equipment is secure.
    • Replace faulty phone system equipment with modern VoiP solution.
    • Ready for growth as and when required.
    • Limited downtime.

    The challenge was the lack of an appropriate wired solution that would not only allow for a reliable connection but also allow for growth. The existing digital phone system was also causing a few issues with digital extensions losing connectivity and the quality of calls were not as they used to be.

    Therefore to meet these objectives, the existing infrastructure would need to be decommissioned and replaced with a high access reliable network.

    With access only to a network router and switch which was under a desk in the main office, cables were being damaged by the movement of office furniture and compromising network availability, phone connectivity was also compromised with the same issue.

    2. The Solution

    To meet the objectives and with consideration for future growth a central network was considered. Benefits include:

    • Robust network cabinet for security of physical equipment.
    • Scalable – Phone system was selected for future growth and remote working.
    • High availibility of data ports. (32 ports to cover 8 members of staff)
    • Out of hours work required.
    • Power availability to match data availability.

    To ensure reliable hardwired connectivity cat5 data cabling was installed to cover the data rates required for access to the end user systems. Much of the installation was carried out, out of ours to cater for the needs of the workers. With power availability being part of the problem also, OllyCom organised a 3rd part electrician who is highly skilled to carry out the work. All cabling was installed in compartmentalised trunking so to keep electromagnetic interference to a minimum.

    Once physical installation was complete, tailored configuration of the phone system commenced. Testing of the data ports was carried out with a 100% success rate, all phone system connections were tested and quality of audio on calls is now back to normal.



  • 3. The Results

    All Frank Belshaw Building Surveyors objectives were met and access to the network is readily available for office moves and company growth. The phone system now allows for speed dials so calls can be transferred between users quickly and efficiently and allows for remote working, the high availability of network ports allows for access no matter where workers are positioned and allows for growth.

    4. The Feedback

    To see how the solution was performing we emailed Paul a call on 6th April 2017. “Thanks for a great job” Paul Young – Director


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