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  • Allows for growth
  • Voicemail
  • SIP connectivity allows for ease of call diversion
  • Allows for multiple calls at any one time


Educational Business Partnership’s challenge was to grow their current phone system solution without disruption to day to day work, and allow for future growth of the company.

The following objectives were defined:

  • Enable company to make multiple calls.
  • Ensure secure connectivity of calls.
  • Ensure phone system can deal with immediate future growth.
  • Allow clients to leave voicemail.
  • Enable a fail over function so numbers can be diverted when a major fault occurs.

The challenge was to replace the over worked and sometimes engaged single phone line but keep business disruption to a minimum.

Therefore to meet these objectives, the Samsung OfficeServ solution was chosen to allow for flexibility, scalability and secure communications.

As this current installation had met previous needs, the growth of EBP stopped it in it’s tracks. OllyCom was tasked to deal with the issue.

Supplier selection was significantly influenced by competitor cost comparisons. OllyCom’s budget friendly, yet SMB class solution, delivered excellent results.

“Excellent service, with ongoing support.”
E Woan – Director


To meet the objectives and with consideration for future growth an updated centralised phone system was considered the correct choice. Benefits include:

  • Hunt group calling.
  • Scalable for future growth of the business.
  • Accessible voicemail solution.
  • Future Proof and fully compatible with EBP’s network.

Once the physical installation of the on-site VoiP solution had been completed, testing of the system for call quality was carried out and monitoring of dropped packets was identified and cleared. Training was also carried out so employees could use the phone system to their requirements.


All EBP objectives were met. All employees of EBP can now make secure calls with out the hassle of waiting for a line to clear.



To see how the solution was performing we asked for feedback on the installation and phone system on 25th November 2016.

“We contracted with Ollycom to advise and install a new internal phone system/switchboard. Olly suggested several suitable options for our budget/needs and worked with us all through the decision process advising and explaining on line changes, porting, and general functionality in a way that we understood. Oliver worked very hard on the install day to avoid interruption to our working day and even tidied a few of our own cables along the way. Excellent service, with ongoing support” – E Woan – Director

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