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Chatburn CoE Primary School – Wireless Solution

1.    The Challenge

Chatburn Primary School (CHPS) wanted to solve the wireless internet access problems for the newly purchased Apple IPads. Detailed discussions led to the following objectives:

  •  Resolve current wireless access problems
  • Enforce effective e-safety
  • Securely enable access to schools Apple iPads
  • Provide secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) access for teachers and assistants devices
  • Enable simultaneous video streaming to all iPads
  • Wireless coverage to include hall and classrooms
  • Ensure new wireless provision meets current and reasonable future needs – future proof
  • Ensure fair share access per device – bandwidth control

An onsite survey identified the current wireless system lacked:

  •  Coverage
  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Security
 We were experiencing significant problems with our existing wireless provision. Bowland High recommended Observ IT.
 M. Wrigley – Head of IT

To resolve the current challenges and meet the defined objectives. A new wireless system was deemed the correct path forward.

2. The Solution

A small site central wireless controller was installed to enable the benefits of:

  •  Central Security and Management
  • Contributing to OFSTED Compliance
  • Future proof and fully compatible with CHPS network
  • Bandwidth control – allow fair share access
  • Secure BYOD setup and logical segregation (VLANs & Data paths)

Future proof Enterprise class Access Points, with the latest in very high speed wireless standards (802.11ac) and security specifications, were installed in the hall and classrooms.

 3. The Results

All CHPS objectives were met. Teachers can access the wireless through there BYO devices. Students can now access rich educational resources through the iPads within the main hall and classrooms.

Effective E-Safety

To ensure only child suitable content was accessible through the wireless system. Wireless Internet data was routed through the schools current content filter system.

Rich Simultaneous Video Content

A vital objective was the need to ensure all wireless devices could stream rich educational video content simultaneous.

To ensure the wireless system met the super-fast “Marketing Hype” we enlisted the help of students to successfully stream video to all sixteen iPads.

Perhaps the biggest personal benefit was seeing the happy students who appeared delighted at being able to safely access the internet. We even did a bit of teaching about wireless and time travel!

After a site survey and discussions about specific needs, they installed a system that has proved faultless to date.
M. Wrigley – Head of IT

4. The Feedback

To see how the solution was performing we gave Martin a call on March the 26th 2015. “Excellent, no faults so far. We are looking at buying another 16 iPads.”

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