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Bowland High – Wireless Solution

  • 15 x Faster than the old system
  • 100% Reliable*
  • Centrally Managed and Future proof
  • Enabling BYOD reduces IT equipment costs.

1.    The Challenge

Bowland Highs (BH) challenge is to continue providing students with access to rich educational content while at the same time deal with the pressures of austerity.

The following objectives were defined:

  • Securely enable access to educational resources through students own devices – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Ensure inclusivity by acquiring wireless tablets for students to access content
  • Ensure wireless speeds meet current and reasonable future needs
  • Widen accessibility by enabling backwards compatibility (802.11n) with older student devices
  • Ensure fair share speed allocation per device

The challenge was the lack of an appropriate wireless solution, in the new buildings designated learning areas.

Therefore to meet these objectives, the secure and very high speed wireless system, in the English block would need to be extended.

As this current installation has proven to meet and exceed the needs of BH, Observ IT were again tasked with providing an appropriate solution.

Supplier selection was significantly influenced by competitor cost comparisons. Observ ITs budget friendly, yet enterprise class solution, delivered excellent results not otherwise affordable.

“I would recommend Observ IT in the future”
J Hothersall – IT Manager

2. The Solution

To meet the objectives and with consideration for future growth an updated central controller was considered the correct choice. Benefits include:

  • Centralisation of Security and Management
  • Highly scalable – 1000s Of Access Points (APs) across multiple sites
  • Contributed to OFSTED Compliance
  • Future Proof and fully compatible with BH network

To ensure an excellent user experience. Enterprise class Access Points with the latest in very high speed wireless standards (802.11ac) and security specifications were installed.

Once physical installation was complete, tailored configuration of the controller commenced. Extensive testing in collaboration with the BH IT team. Factually ensured objectives were met and exceeded. When requested, client specific adjustments based on testing feedback where implemented.

3. The Results

All BH objectives were met. Students and teachers can now securely access resources in the designated areas.

Securely allowing students and teachers to Bring Their Own Devices (BYOD) reduces IT access equipment costs.

4. The Feedback

To see how the solution was performing we gave James a call on May the 1st 2015. “Very good – 100% reliable, more and more students are now using the service.” J Hothersall – IT Manager

 *as of May1st 2015

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