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Hosted Telephony

Whether you call it Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Voice over Broadband (VoBB), IP communications or hosted PBX it’s undeniable that it is the future for office telephone systems. No longer just a reliable alternative to the old traditional telephony systems, it is now the modern replacement for PBX systems and others which offers great flexibility and a far superior return for you money.

When VoIP was first developed in 1995 there were issues with reliability and call quality due to the internet speeds available at the time. However fast forward 15 years later when broadband is common place in businesses, hosted telephone systems has been able to thrive not only offering reliability equal to that of traditional landlines but also able to offer better call quality.

The flexibility available on VoIP systems greater than traditional systems which is made easy through our user friendly portal. Power cut at the office? Divert the line to another site or mobile in seconds! Setting up a new office? Order additional handsets, plug them in and you’re good to go! No costly initial outlay means that if business requirements change you can adjust your setup accordingly.

There are hundreds of features available to suit all types of business models! If you would like further information then please call on 012823320465 or send an e-mail to info@ollycom.co.uk