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Feature Codes

A feature code is a set of digits (usually 3-4) that when dialled, will activate a certain feature of the phone system that your desk phone is capable of carrying out.

Examples of these feature codes are as follows.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

This feature code would be used when you don’t want to be disturbed by your desk phone ringing. When you turn DND on, it puts your phone in a state whereby it cannot be called by internal or external users.

Do Not Disturb Override

There is also a clever feature called DND override. If you think you may have an employee abusing the DND feature, then you can use the DND override feature to combat this. The way you would carry this out is to dial the DND override feature code, then dial the users extension number to take them out of DND. By default, the DND override feature is set as disabled by all users, but if you wanted to be able to use this feature, all you would have to do is tick the enabled box under your selected extensions in the phone system programming tool.

Forward Calls

This feature code is pretty self explanatory. When you activate this feature code, all internal and external calls aimed at your extension can be forwarded to a range of destinations without the call ever reaching your phone. These destinations include another extensions, a voicemail box, auto attendant (see link http://ollycom.co.uk/auto-attendants/  ) etc…

Silent Monitor

This can be a great tool for call coaching or for listening to a potential none company approved call.

This is a feature is for listening into a current call that a user has taken or made.

For this feature to work, you need to have a user on the phone, already talking to someone on the other end.

When the user is on the phone, you would dial the feature code for silent monitor, and then dial the extension of the user that you want to listen to. When you have this activated, you will be able to hear both the user at your end, and the user on the other end of the phone, but they will not be be able to hear you through your handset/ headset.

With the call coaching purpose, you may have a scenario where you have a new person in the office who is making their first call to a customer. To aid the person, you would be able to sit next to them with silent monitor turned on and help them through the call by hearing everything they and the customer are saying.

By default, this feature is also disabled. All you have to do to activate the feature, is enable silent monitor in the phone system programming tool.

Direct System Selection (DSS)

This feature allows you to have members of your company, a mobile number or a landline number on speed dial.

There is no feature key for this to work. All you have to do is initially programme a key on your phone to call a certain party, and you’re done ! Once the key is set up, you can press the key and it will start to dial the extension number or mobile/ landline number you have programmed it to dial. No physical number dialling needed.


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