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Data Infrastructure – Life and Soul of the party

Data Infrastructure – The life and soul of the party!

Businesses run only when all the links in the chain are strong enough to support one another. Many businesses focus on processes and policies to make sure things happen as and when they should, CRM databases automate reminders and e-mails so employees remember to contact customers waiting for an update, but businesses seem to forget the one thing that keeps these links connected. ….. You guessed it, Data Infrastructure.

We have fibre to the cabinet, we have fibre to the premise, we have fibre to the mast which connects wireless broadband to businesses, from there we have the internal infrastructure of a business which is more often than not rejected by business owners or not really considered important enough to spend a bit of money on and just get it done for cheap.

Broadband is the solution that connects us to the outside world so why is it that the internal cable that connects us to the outside world is rejected? … Tests can be run to certify cabling and give you a reading of how well your cables are running, network hardware can also be tested for security and functionality too, once these tests have been carried out you can rest assured that your network is running at full speed. ….. You get your car serviced don’t you?

Our customers benefit from a properly installed and tested data infrastructure so why not take a quick look at an example here.





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