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Feature Codes

A feature code is a set of digits (usually 3-4) that when dialled, will activate a certain feature of the phone system that your desk phone is capable of carrying out. Examples of these feature codes are as follows. Do Not Disturb (DND) This feature code would be used when you don’t want to be […]

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Auto Attendants

Auto Attendants are a great way for your customers to get through to the department they require, without the hassle of getting caught up asking around for a department or a person they need. In your auto attendant, you may want to have something along the lines of the following. Another useful feature on an […]

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Hunt Group Call Distribution

A hunt group is a group of extensions in which you can call that group, and the extensions will ring according to what programming you have set up. There are 2 main types of call distribution lists. Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) & Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Uniform Call Distribution This is a hunt group where […]

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Direct Dial In Numbers (DDI)

Direct Dial numbers are numbers that can be directly routed to a specific extension number or service. As an example, the number 01282 479477 routes through to extension number 200 (Olly, Daniel) Alternatively, you don’t have to have the number route through to an extension. For instance you can have the number route through to […]

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