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Standard, Super fast or Ultra fast Broadband

We see the words Super fast and Ultra fast being used in marketing for broadband connectivity all the time but what do they actually mean! (Stats can be found in House of Commons Library) Superfast broadband Superfast broadband does not have a single definition. The Government defines it as speeds greater than 24Mbps, whereas Ofcom […]

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CRM Integrations with Samsung Officeserv

One of the many reasons the Samsung officeserv phone systems are a formidable opponent, is the CRM integration software. This software is called Samsung Xchange. It has the ability to integrate with the following CRM software. Voice Recording software Voice recording is now an integral part of business telephony and is useful for issues such […]

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Feature Codes

A feature code is a set of digits (usually 3-4) that when dialled, will activate a certain feature of the phone system that your desk phone is capable of carrying out. Examples of these feature codes are as follows. Do Not Disturb (DND) This feature code would be used when you don’t want to be […]

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