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Auto Attendants

Auto Attendants are a great way for your customers to get through to the department they require, without the hassle of getting caught up asking around for a department or a person they need.

In your auto attendant, you may want to have something along the lines of the following.

Another useful feature on an auto attendant is the ability for your customers to dial directly through to an extension of a specific user they require.

For example, you may want to have on your auto attendant “If you know the extension you require, please dial it now”.

This way, you would not require a DDI (see link http://ollycom.co.uk/direct-dial-in-numbers-ddi/ )


If you feel you could benefit from a well programmed Auto Attendant, or a DDI (as seen in the link) then please get in touch with us by calling 01282 332046.

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