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Oliver Flanagan
IT Consultant and Engineer
About me:
Although I am proud to say “I`m an IT Connectivity Consultant and Engineer”, my best one liner at the moment is:

“I solve your IT connectivity problems!”

If your IT connections are:

• Too Costly
• Too Slow
• Unreliable
• Non Existent

Then call me today on 07977 062861 or email me on avenn@observit.co.uk

So what qualifies me to tackle your IT Challenges?

For 17+ years I have worked on projects with blue-chip companies and government departments, including PWC, Pfizer, BT, Colt Telecom, BNFL, NATO, USAF and the Royal Bank of Malawi.

I have taken numerous IT connectivity problems through problem analysis, solution design, implementation and review. I liaise with senior management, development teams and the end users to get a full picture of the problem and what’s required to fix it.

I take the integrity of my business seriously and consider it crucial to be honest and upfront to customers. If I`m not the solution for you then I will say so. It’s far more important to maintain a professional reputation than gain a quick short term buck.

When I`m not engineering or consulting I`m probably drinking posh coffee on a training course or researching new problem solving technology. After all we are in an IT revolution and keeping up to date is vital.

Thanks for reading.

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